Warranty Plate Decode
The vehicle identification number (VIN) is located on the drivers side dash in the front windshield. It is also located on the warranty plate on the drivers side door. The VIN and warranty plate are not only used for registration, but also used to decode quite a bit of information about your car.

Each number/letter in the VIN and warranty plate mean something... here's an example of each:
Here's what each one of the items mean. I'm following the numbering scheme on the warranty plate. Note this is 1969 specific:

   1  - Model year code
   2  - Assembly plant code
   3  - Body serial number
   4  - Engine code
   5  - Consecutive unit number
   6  - Body type code
   7  - Color code
   8  - Trim code
   9  - Date code
   10 - District specific equipment code
   11 - Rear axle code
   12 - Transmission code

Read on for more specific information on how to decode your VIN. I've hilighted my VIN decode in red.
Example VIN                  >>>
Example Warranty Plate  >>>