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1956 Chevy Bel Air Sport Coupe Restoration
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Well, I've been wrangling with the rear brakes for about three weeks now and finally got things sorted out. Between CPP's poor doc's and some bad axles, it was an adventure. If you're going to use the CPP rear disc brake kit, save yourself some heartache and read this:

1. You'll have six grade eight bolts that need to be used on the cover that goes over the axle bearing. So three of the existing studs will need to be pressed out and the lower left or right one (depending on your orientation?) needs to remain. On the left axle it's the lower left bolt and on the right axle it's the lower right bolt.

2. There will be some longer wheel studs in the kit. These are about .040 larger in diameter than the old studs, so the holes in the axle needs to be enlarged. Have your local machine shop press the old ones out and then enlarge the hold for the new studs.

3. Before putting in the studs, take the bearing off and put the axle in a lathe. My first set of axles had a warped face which caused the rotors to wobble. My second set did the same (but slightly less), until my machine shop put them on a lathe and turned down the face of the axle until smooth.

4. While on the lathe, there's a raised portion on the face of the axle that's larger in diameter than the hole on the rotor. You can turn down the sholder of this raised portion or you can do what I did - use a die grinder to enlarge the hole on the rotor.

5. Press in the studs being careful not to warp the axle. Note the sholder of the studs are larger than the old studs. On the rotor, on the back side, have your machine shop chamfer the holes so the rotor sits flush on the face of the axle.

6. Press on the bearings, slather them in white grease, put on the shim and gasket with gasket sealer, then bang them into the housing. Give them a spin and there should be no wobble!

So two pairs of axles later and a couple of trips to the machine shop, I am happy with the results. No wobble and the brakes look great. One other thing, good luck finding replacement rotors. CPP said these are from an 80's Chevy Malibu - not even close. These were made special for CPP (says so on the box) and the part number does not cross with any other GM car. Hope I don't wear these out anytime soon! Here's what's on the rotor for reference: BR-8121E Brake Rotor Specially made for CPP, 5/25/05, 54055-X, Made in China.