While the frame is looking good, here's all the bits the bolt on...
1956 Chevy Bel Air Sport Coupe Restoration
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Now it's looking like a car again! Thanks to the folks at ChevyTalk, I orientated the springs the right way (compressed side down in the A arm) and put things together. Trick was to use a spring compressor, with the long bolt through the shock tower hole and the hook in the spring. Bolt the A arm to the frame and swing up to the rotor when the pring is fully compressed. Then loosen things up and tighten things in place. I'm realy happy with how this turned out do far...
The rear differential is coming together nicely now. You can see the two inch lowering blocks and long U bolts from CPP, the painted and restored leaf springs, and the new brake lines and hoses. For the leaf springs, I drove out the bushings and then installed new poly's from Energy and bolted them up. Those springs are very tight now! I wired the gasket and required spacer in place so I don't forget them. 
And here it is, The factory carrier with a new US Gear posi unit. I reused the old 3.55's that came stock with the new posi. Because I did so, I needed a 1/4 inch spacer between the posi and the ring gear. You also need to grind some webbing off the inside of the carrier to make things fit. Was then cleaned up and painted a red oxide for that factory look. Quite happy with the results, but this was an expensive endevor.