While the frame is looking good, here's all the bits the bolt on...
1956 Chevy Bel Air Sport Coupe Restoration
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Have to love shiney old parts. The machine shop pressed on new axle bearings and lug bolts to allow for the thicker rotors. Plus bead blasted to boot! looks great. Will be painted black soon.
Ditto for the upper and lower A arms. All were bead blasted and new PST polygraphite bushings installed. Will also be painted black. This will be a milestone where things start going together rather than apart.
The rear axle housing was stripped, cleaned with degreaser (inside and out), sanded, then painted black. It's amazing how well the gear oil works, after 50 years the interior is spotless. Soon I will have a US Gear posi with 3.70:1 cogs.
Painted the A arms with more Eastwood gloss chassis black - looks really nice. Bead blasting works wonders, I need one of those!
Same goes for the axles. Note that only one bolt it reatined on the bearing housing, there were new bolts in the kit. Need to get gaskets, etc now to start assembly.