The overall body was in good condition for it's age, but there were some problem area's, which include the passenger door and drivers floorpan. I also did some other modifications.
There were several problems with the lower portion of the door. This included rust, several dents, and the upper portion was cracked. I ordered some new lower sheetmetal from Danchuck to replace the rusted portion.
After drilling out thirty spot welds and using a cut off wheel, I was able to remove the lower section. I then test fitted the new sheet metal which fit well. Will lap weld the joints but will tack them in first and check the fit.
1956 Chevy Bel Air Sport Coupe Restoration
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Now for the vents. I'm never going to use these when I have the AC installed and working so out they go. Plus they take up space in the kick panel and I want to put a bedal operated emergency brake.
After some drilling and cutting, out it comes. Unfortunately it was not as easy as I thought, there was a lip that was larger than the opening on the inside. I guess this is for water so it would not get in the main cabin. The things you learn. This will be patched and welded.
Out goes the spare tire well. I plan on using run flat tires and a larger gas tank, so this becomes moot. Some more drilling and cutting...