Here's links to the sites I use for 56 parts and advice... in no particular order...
1956 Chevy Bel Air Sport Coupe Restoration
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I used their polygraphite front end kit, plus idler arm bushings and end links.

I mostrly buy paint from them, and used their gloss chassic black paint and PRE paint cleaner on the chassis. Looks good and lasts.

Classic Performance Products,
I bought their front and rear disc brake kit with dual 8" booster. The directions we a bit vauge, but if you have any experience with cars, you can figure it out.

I've spent more here than I care to admit!

I spend more time here than anyshere else, a great place for advice and product information. Look for me: "montego-mx".

Earle Williams,
Nice guy, great products. I bought a 700R4 trans mount kit and side mount 3/4" foreword kit.

FM Machine, 1018 Alabama St, Vallejo, CA, 707-552-5570
Been around forever, does great work. No web site, this is an old school shop, the way it should be.

Walnut Creek Transmission,
Great place, bought my 700R4 from here. Specially built for the ZZ4 and custom torque converter.

Redline Automotive, 2241 Monument Blvd, Concord, CA, 925-686-2624
These guy's built my carrier with a US Gear posi. No web site yet.