Time to focus on the interior...
1956 Chevy Bel Air Sport Coupe Restoration
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Here's a trial fit with the seat bottom in place. Some slight modifications will need to be made for the bottom to sit flat. The back is at the correct angle however some tabs need to be removed on either side.
Another test fit. The wood blocks approximate the seat back angle. The straightened seat belts are held in place with vice grips. They happen to also sit upon a groved surface which is good for strength. I removed a bunch of hard seam sealer from this location and plan to drill a hold and hold in with washers on either side. You can see how the seat belts now fit in their holder. Will pull and reweld.
Test fit with the foam in place. It's amazing these two cars are 50 years apart but the seat slips right in. I don't really like the hump in the rear seat, that will be taken care of later. Here's the cut seat belts which will need to be straightened and rewelded.
Here's the belts after heating and straightening. Some of the plastic covering around the seat belts will also need to be trimmed so the belts fold up into their respective holders. It's about 3/4 of an inch. Here's the piece I cut off the seat bottom for it to lie flat over the hump. No measuring, just eveball it.