To do a frame off restoration, well, you need to remove, repair, and restore the frame. Here's what the process looked like from my perspective...
1956 Chevy Bel Air Sport Coupe Restoration
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Ok, fast foreward a couple of weeks. The frame was sanded and then painted with Eastwood gloss chassis black. Looks nice and covers well. The rear axle housing was also cleaned up. Waiting for the front PST bushings to be pressed in, the rear axle wheel studs and bearings to be pressed in, then I can start assembling the suspension. Oh ya, it's 2" drops plus front and rear disc brakes from CPP! You can also see the 605 box installed and painted.
The right ram horn was a bit easier as I knew where to cut. I used the reciprocating saw mostly, then the die grinder to trim off the metal, then a grinder to clean things up.
After a whole lot of grinding (loud!) and some paint, you can't even tell anything was there. When I'm ready to install the rear trans mount, will grind off the paint and tack it in.