To do a frame off restoration, well, you need to remove, repair, and restore the frame. Here's what the process looked like from my perspective...
So here's what I started with, esentially a frame, body, engine, and tranny. Everything else is off of the car. Remove one Montego, pull the engine, frame, rebuild everything, then put back under the car and drive off into the sunset. Simple right? Not really...
1956 Chevy Bel Air Sport Coupe Restoration
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First order of business is to hire help or recruit family. Fortunately my dad is nearby and was happy to help. After convincing me those two bolts were all that was needed to remove the engine and trans, we hoisted it out. Good riddance! Will be replaced with a crate motor soon.
One very heavy engine and trans removed from the car. It's since been disassembled and removed from my garage. Looks like it could still run with a bit of freshening up.
Now the lifting begins. This was not as bad as I thought it would be. Esentially I lifted the left side with a floor jack and placed 4x4 blocks under the front and rear mounting points. Then I did the same on the right. When I was ~4in above the frame, I placed the stands and kept jacking using the middle outside body mount point and forword frame on the front for the stands. All total, it's about 16in off the ground.
Here's what the frame support looks like. Seems sturdy, but will also put some tires underneath (two stacked on top of eachother fit great) as a second safety device.