Project 2 - Rims & Tires
Outside of changing your car's color, the rim and tire combination make a nice visual statement. The factory style 225-75-14 tires were a bit tall and narrow for the Montego so I opted for something more 'beefy' - some BF Goodrich 235-60-15. They fill up the wheelwells nicely and handle good. I also opted for the classic Torque Thrust D, which I think go well with the car. If you do the same for your Montego, note the speedo will read 3 MPH slower at 60 MPH.

Here's some before and after shots:
<<< The deluxe spinner hubcaps were the original equipment, as well as the whitewalls. While the tires may have been good 30 some odd years ago, they don't cut it now, especially in high crosswinds.
The new rims and tires look great and give the Montego a more muscular appearance. The raised whitewall lettering is a nice touch as well. The stability of the car has improved dramatically, with steering feel and effort more controled.                       >>>