Project 2 - Seat Removal/Install
The seat covers were in good condition, but not original. I've grown used to the funky pattern, but I still get strange looks from folks at car shows. I ordered a new set of seat covers from Dearborn Classics which are correct for the Cyclone/Montego. Here's how it went...
<<< Here's what the original interior looked like. I already replaced the carpet a while back - so that was in excellent condition. The seats themselves were fine, just unusual looking.
Dang, no pocket change! The front and rear seats have been removed. This would be a great time to replace the carpet, if you have not already. Note the sound deadener is still in place. >>>
<<< Here's what some of the new seat covers look like. They are vinyl, with the middle being 'simulated' comfort weave. Guess they don't make the real stuff anymore.
Stay tuned for more...