Project 2 - Radio/Dash Removal/Install
I recently installed a factory AM/FM Ford radio back into the Montego in place of an aftermarket AM/FM/Casette. Unfortunately, modern dual knob radios are larger than the factory stereo so the opening for the radio was enlarged. I purchaced some new trim from Blueoval6079 to correct this problem. I also decided to service the radio while it was out. Here's how things went...
<<< Here's what I started out with. It's hard to see in the picture, but the opening around the radio is enlarged. I'll have to pull the dash, insturment cluster, and A/C ducting to get to the radio and trim.
Dashpad removed. All you need to do is remove the lower trim under the dash, then pull the dash off. If it's never been off before, there's a screw underneath that holds it on. You can see the A/C ductwork underneath.                               >>>
<<< The radio and woodgrain trim have been removed. The only way you can get the radio out is removing the dash. It's so much easier to work this way than on your back!
Stay tuned for more...