Here's where the rubber meets the road... a list of all the various things I have done to the Montego. I've kept most of the reciepts which is how I put this list together. I've omitted the prices because, well, I don't know if I'm ready to total things up yet!

I've included part numbers in case you need to buy the same part. I've also included sources, as some of these parts are hard to find.

Read on...
Date          Part
02/27/02    Rebuilt factory tach. H&H Electrical.
03/17/02    Starter motor from Autozone. Part number DL3124
08/24/02    Rebuilt engine, detailed engine compartment. Precision Machine.
12/01/02    Replaced brake booster (rebuilt) and master cylinder (new).

03/18/01    Monroe front shocks. Part number MON 33053
04/01/01    Strut bushings. Part number MOO K8157
04/25/01    Front wheel alignment from Big O Tires
05/28/01    Power steering control valve. Part number DUR 6735
05/28/01    Power steering hoses. Part numbers OME 572 & OME 636
08/19/01    Starter motor. Part number GPM 3124
08/19/01    Negitive battery cable. Part number STW A43-4L
09/08/01    Replace exhaust 'doughnut'
09/19/01    Rear four-leaf leaf springs from Dearborn Classics. Part number LF101-4L
09/19/01    Rear chackle kit from Dearborn Classics. Part number RBK104
09/19/01    Rear spring insulators from Dearborn Classics. Part number RSI100
12/17/01    Original style heater control valve from Classic Auto Air. Part number H1971

03/11/00    Replaced top and rear glass. Robbins top company.
03/30/00    Conf top seals from Hydro-E-Lectric.
04/19/00    'A' pillar post seals from Best Inc. Part number C8GY 7602626/7-A
07/01/00    Boil & repair radiator.
08/24/00    Carpet Kit from ACC
09/04/00    Aftermarket heater valve. Part number FOU 74615
09/07/00    Heater core from Auto Krafters. Part number FM9034

05/20/99    Replaced headlights. SP Automotive.
05/22/99    Replaced distributor cap, condensor, points, rotor, and fuel filter. Autozone.
06/04/99    Front end kit, KYB shocks, spring perch, coil spring insulator, and sway bar
                bushings. PST.
06/05/99    Replaced bulbs in insturment cluster. Autozone.
06/12/99    Replaced tie rods, idler arm, and adjusting clamps. Autozone.
08/17/99    Replaced conv top cylinders and adjusted top