Project 2 - Media
Here's a scan of the actual article:
Ultimate Cruiser

Who: Kevin Pillsbury
Where: Benicia, CA
What: '69 Mercury Montego
Why: Drop top, Cleveland power, power windows, A/C...
Goodies: Cruisability is the name of the game with a Mercury Montego, and Kevin and his wife do just that. Purchaced in 1999 after an extensive search, this convertible Montego came loaded with a compliment of cruising necessities including bucket seats, a 351 four barrel Cleveland, power disc brakes, A/C, power windows, a power top, and dual exhaust. The original Burn Orange paint has held up well over its 34 years of existence, but the rest of the car had seen better days. Several years and several bucks were spent on the refurbishing of the interior, suspension, brakes, and top, while the Cleveland was treated to a 0.030-overbore and an Edelbrock intake, cam, and carbureator. An AOD trans figures prominently in the Montego's future for better cruising.

Here's the actual text (note it's a Windsor, not a Cleveland):