Project 2 - The Hunt
This was a nice Montego in Northern CA. This was a contendor, but I did not care too much for the color scheme. If you don't like the paint and interior - that's a problem. Those are often times the most expesive part of the restoration. Plus changing colors is a pain (door jams, trunk, underhood, etc.). I passed.
And here's the Montego I eventually purchaced. These pictures are how the Montego looked when I purchaced the car back in 1999. I liked the color scheme (burnt orange on white) and it had everything else I was looking for: console, disc brakes, and bucket seats. But it also had a lot more. The car was mechanically sound, but many things did not work. Namely the rimblow, power top, rear power windows, A/C, and rear brakes. But it ran well enough to drive home. Heck, what's the fun of buying a completed car? You need to put some 'skin in the game' anyways. Check out the restoration pages to see the Montego being restored to it's current condition.