Project 2 - The Hunt
I looked at a whole bunch of Montego's in the 2.5 years I was looking, but only a few I actually seriously considered. In the end, patience paid off and I got the Montego I was looking for. Here's some of the ones I considered:
This was the first Montego I looked at down in San Diego. It was a beater, but was very cheap. Would have taken a lot to make it street worthy, it's engine was stripped, open exhaust, none of the options worked, the interior was incorrect (plus died blue) and the list goes on. Glad I passed.
I took this Montego under serious consideration, and flew out to Ohio to meet with the original owner, whom was also selling the car. It was a beautiful color and everything was there. It was also was well documended. But the underside of the car told a different story - one of rust. The rust pictured above was from the passenger side torque box. It would have taken a considerable amount of money to make this road worthy again, as well as a good chunk of change to ship to CA. I passed on this one, but it was a difficult decision.