Project 2 - History
Early May 1999 an online ad was placed on Collector Car Trader for the Montego. I received an Email notification the same day, and I set up an appointment to view the car that weekend.

When I was looking at the car, I received a bit of its history. Apparently Charles and Jeannette Maino were a husband and wife doctor team. Jeannette purchased the car to drive back and forth around town to her office. This would explain the relatively low 43,962 miles in 14 years of ownership (3,140 miles/year). 

It's assumed that Jeannette was the one who installed the seat covers as they are today.

Sometime in 1998 Jeannette passed away. Charles put the car in storage because he could not bear to be around it. The car was eventually donated to Youth Education Systems late 1998. As it turns out, the director of Youth Education Systems and Charles were friends, so the donation was a natural next step. 

On May 15, 1999 I purchased the Montego from Youth Education Systems. Mileage was 100988.

I drove back to the Bay Area with a smile on my face, planning for the things to come...