Project 2 - History
On December 2, 19[83] the heater control valve was replaced. Part was purchased from Kragen Auto Supply for $39. Address unknown. 

On December 3, 1983 two tires were purchased from Goodyear L&M Tire Company in Escondido, CA. Mount, balance, etc. was $131. I looks like the Goodyear Tire Company changed hands and is now the Evans Tire Service Center, which occupies the same address.

On December 5, 1983 a smog check was performed, rear axle seal replaced, front and rear brakes replaced, and power steering pump replaced. Note on the work order was that the "rotors [were] turned to minimum thickness".  Mileage was 55,345 and cost was $229. Work was performed by Bud Milner's Automotive in Escondido, CA. It looks like Bud Milner's changed hands as John Herrods Automotive now occupies that same address. 

On January 11, 1984 sixteen valves were purchased from Kragen Auto Supply for $52. Address unknown.  On January 12, 1984 three rocker arms and three nuts were purchased from Kragen Auto Supply for $25. Address unknown. 

On January 12, 1984 it looks like the original heads had "valve guide noise".  The heads were R&R'ed, which included eight exhaust valves, single push rod and single rocker arm. Note on the work order was "customer towed car out no time to finish guarantee on heads for machine work only". The Ford Works in Escondido, CA performed work for $305. It looks like The Ford Works changed hands and is now K & T Auto Repair Service. 

On January 17, 1984 a set of heads were installed on the Montego by Bud Milners Automotive in Escondido, CA. Mileage at the time was 55641. Cost was $120. As noted above, this is now John Herrods Automotive.  

On January 19, 1984 the starter was replaced for $22. Source was 4M Remanufactured Engine Parts in Escondido, CA. The same day a carpet kit was ordered from Chester & Herod in Santa Monica, CA for $69. 4M is out of business, and Chester & Herod moved to Escondido where they are still in business. Here's the link to an article on Chester & Herod:

On January 30, 1984 Palomar Glass & Radiator, Inc. in Escondido, CA adjusted the window channels. Total cost was $24. Palomar is still in business, but moved to a different location in Escondido. 

On March 14, 1984 the radiator was rodded out by Ronnie's Cooling System Specialists in Escondido, CA. Total cost was $28. I have not been able to find anything out about Ronnie's, but I suspect they're out of business.