Project 1 - How it all began
Hanging out on a summer day. Pictures left to right is Chris, Harry, and me. Picture circa 1987.
The Montego survived four-wheeling adventures through dirt fields, CB tag in an industrial park, and various street races. But alas, it all had to come to an end. In 1989 I sold the Montego with 152136 miles for $800 after being parked in front of my Grandparents house for a couple of days. 

I often wonder what happened to that Montego, as it gave me years of fond memories. At that time it became my identity, and in a way formed who I am now. So far I have not found it, but hopefully it's still being enjoyed by someone and not rotting in a field.
While this chapter has been closed, another has begun. Take a look at my latest Montego and see what I have learned!
How's this for record keeping - the bill of sale for my original Montego. From 1989.