Project 1 - How it all began
The Montego's starting to take shape. Rims installed and the car's clean with the original window sticker in the rear. Picture circa 1987, befor the car show.
I heard about "bleach burnouts" and decided to give it a go. With a bottle of bleach in hand I poured it over the right rear tire and then did a burnout. Huge plumes of white smoke arose from the rear of the car but suddenly I realized things were not running as they should.
I let off the gas and slowly drove foreword to find the second gear band burnt up. I limped the car home and pulled the C4 in my parents garage. That was a chore, but worth the effort. The newly rebuilt C4 had a shift kit, which gave a nice bump on each shift. 
The 4 wheel drum brakes never worked that well, so I decided to rebuild them. After replacing the shoes, wheel cylinders, and turning the drums, things looked like they would be OK, but I was wrong. This is where I found drum brakes were evil - and would grab at the wrong time pulling the car one way or the other. That was eventually fixed with a trip to Miadas. 

I also found out what a broken motor mount felt like. I guess after one of my many burnouts it gave way, and every time I stepped on the gas the engine would twist and come back to rest with a thunk. That problem was quickly resolved.

Now, being this is the late 80 with the bass and Mini truck craze, I had to have some bass. So off I went to Radio Shack (of all places) to get two 15' subs and an Optimus head unit with under dash EQ. This was my fist car audio experience where I learned that if you buy cheap stuff you, well, get cheap stuff. 

The subs did not sound good and the box was huge. Plus there was this funny thing called vibration that was generated by the subs - which caused the whole rear of the car to rattle. So out came the subs and in went some 6x9's, from the flea market of course! They did say 400w of total power...

I also experienced my first car show as a participatant. Granted, it was a high school car show but fun none the less. I did not win anything, but the Montego sure looked nice. Everything was shined up (and Armor All'ed) and the original window sticker was taped to the car.