Here's some links that I use for Montego parts and memorbilia:

International Mercury Owners Association
An excellent site that is a valuable resource for any Mercury owner.

Troise Apprasial Services
Joe appraised my car and did a great job. If you are in CA, he is recomended!

Lots of Torino/Cyclone parts, many of which interchange with the Montego. Fast and friendly service, a good eBay'er.


The ultimate source for Montego parts. Remember most parts from the 68-69 Comet, Cyclone, and Torino will intercgange with the Montego.

Buntman's Obsolete Torino Parts
Lots of parts. I ordered a factory tach cable from him.

Auto Krafters
I've bought countless parts from this site. Look for the Mercury logo.

FoMoCo Obsolete
Nice site, unique NOS parts, good history and documentation. I purchaced some books and a vacuum and wiring diagram.

Dearborn Classics
I've purchaced a number of parts from this site as well including a heater core, carpet kit, and factory style seat covers. Nice catalog.

Performance Suspension Technology
I used their front end kit on the Montego. Worked quite well.

H&H Auto Electrical
Otherwise known as the 'Tachman'. My tach was rebuilt by H&H, in fact there's a picture of my tach on the home page (labled a 69 Cyclone). Did a great job and knows how to do business on the Internet (Web, Email, etc),

I've bought a bunch of 'common' stuff from them, like starters, batteries, etc.

Eastwood Company
I've bought a bunch of paint from them and that's about it.