Technical Info
And still more...
<<< Where did that part go again? The 1969 Ford Products Engine Equipment Assembly Manual will tell you. This is a reprint available from people like Faxon Auto Lit. I've never seen an origianl though. Good engine pictures.
Another vintage repair manual from Motors. These were typically located in your corner garage or gas station. Lots of good, gerenal info.                                                       >>>
<<< This is a neat book. Shows exploded views of every mechanical part with part numbers.
<<< Engine tune-up spec's for the L/M lineup. Lot's of spec's and detailed info. The guide goes up to 68 with a 69 supplement.
Want to know how shops determined how much to charge you for a repair? This is how. This book gives the costs of various types or repairs, plus has lots of part numbers.     >>>