Technical Info
And even more...
<<< Autolite "Body and Collision Parts Catalog" from 1969. Lots of detailed information, including part numbers and exploded views for the entire 1969 model line up.
<<< Chilton's 69 Auto Repair Manual, a good source for general info. The Ford shop manuals are better, but this saves time. Interesting read.
<<< L/M Service Bulletins are hard to find these days, but not impossible. The complete set has 44 issues, plus the index. Often well used, supplements the Shop Manuals.
<<< This is what I would consider 'fringe' collecting, where you collect doc's for certain parts of your Montego. But it's a nice piece, if you feel like repairing your own radio.
<<< 1969 L/M New Model Training Program, a bound one inch thick training guide designed for tech's. Goes over all new features of the 69 models, with tests at the end of each section.
^^^ Too big to fit on my scanner, but you get the idea. Everyone should have a wiring and vacuum diagram. Both helped me tremendously. Copies (like the one I have) are readily available, originals can get pricey.