Technical Info
Here's some more...
<<< "Frame Charts" are interesting, but they do not contain anything practial for the average restorer. That is, unless you wrap your Montego around a pole. Yikes!
Autolite Auto Tips 1969 Announcement Issue. You could collect the years worth of Shop Tips, but the announcement issue is usually the most interesting. Has spec's on all the new Ford's - including the Montego. Look on page 8 for a nice shot of a Montego convertible.                                        >>>
<<< Lots and lots of good info. Hundreds of part numbers, ID guides, and spec's. You can pick up your own copy at Auto Krafters.
Here's a rare piece - "Towing Recomendations" for the Montego Class. A bi-fold piece with the center section showing an exploded view on how to attach the hitch assembly to the underside of the car. Neat!                      >>>
<<< Here's a nice pocket guide that goes over the service spec's for the entire 1969 model line. Lots of good info.