Technical Info
There's lots of good technical information on the Montego, in the form of shop manuals and other technical publications. Here's some of them:
<<< Anyone doing a restoration should have a good set of shop manuals. They contain lots of detailed technical info with plenty of puctures. In this case, the Ford shop manuals are a five volume set. Be sure to get them all.
"Crash Sheets" are always worth while having. In this case, these are from the Motors Crash Book and show exploded views of various body parts as well as frame dimensions.   >>>
<<< "Lube Charts" contail lots of good info about service intervals, capacities,and timing. This one is from Chek-Chart in Canada.
"Part Number" sheets show exploded views of virtually every piece of the car and has the Ford PN's for each part. Good info. These sheets are from Mitchell Manuals, 1974. >>>