Here's some more:
<<< Here's some more fringe collecting, a matchbook from a LM dealer. All the matches are still there.
^^^ Here's a nice set of info for a 69 Montego. Contains the window sticker, a document similar to the window sticker but used for the billing of the car, the rail invoice, and the notes from the person buying the car. A $202 trade in value for a 62 Galaxy 500? Click on the images to see full size (so you can at least read them).
<<< Here's a nice vintage gold key for the Mercury (and other Fords).
<<< Just when you think you've seen everything, here's an original dealer plate that was on a new Montego. Made of sturdy cardboard, it says Cyclone on the back. A bit scuffed up (not suprising since they were not made to last), this is an interesting example.