Here's some more:
<<< Helpful hints to a safer ride. Contins a checklist of things to do before a trip and tips for safe driving (e.g. - don't fall asleep!). Also has a 'Need Gas - Send Help' foldout in big red letters. Canadian.
<<< A maintenance service book, one side in english the other in french. Interesting to see the checklist stops at 48,000 miles...
<<< This comes in the kit when you purchace a montego, the temporaty owner card. This is before you receive the plastic version.
<<< A nice original piece, this is what the owners manual, warranty card, warranty manual, and safer ride items would come in. The owners name would also be typed on the lower left.
<<< And here's what the plastic version looks like.
<<< Another example of an owner kit. Looks like each dealer made their own?
<<< What collection would be complete without a local map from 1969? The freeways are the same, but MUCH larger. Who knew?