Here's some more:
<<< Everyone should get a delux report from Marti Auto Works. Want to know which dealer your car was ordered from? Want the VIN decoded? Want to know the original options? Color? And the all important statistics? Well, this report will tell you. It's worth the money.
<<< Here's a rare piece, the original Mercury 'car papers' holder. This was from Selby Motors in Tuscon AZ.
<<< Here's an interesting piece: The American Road, which was an internal Ford publication for "Salaried Men and Women of Ford Motor Company". This one's dated August 1968 and talks about the new 69 models. Has one paragraph on the Montego: "There are nine models in the Mercury Montego, Montego MX, Montego MX Brougham and Comet Sports Coupe lineup, and two Cyclones. The story is refinements in front and rear styling, new interior luxury and more power. Engines range from a larger standard 250-cubic-inch six cylinder to a 335-horsepower CJ 428  with Ram Air induction."
<<< Here's a nice paint chip manual from Sherwin-Williams. Paints for the Ford Motor Company start on page 21. It's interesting to see the same paint with different names on different Ford products. SW's logo at the time was "Cover the Earth", don't think that would fly now...
Here's a hard to find piece, an original L/M warranty booklet. It's a multi-fold booklet that covers the which items that can b serviced under warranty. Interesting reading.          >>>