And even more...
<<< The Continental Magazine, fall 1968. Published by Ford for the owners of L/M vehicles. Has an insert in the middle with a picture of a 69 Montego. The original adressee was Edward Ford... hmmmm.
Car and Driver Yearbok for 1969. A small mention of the Montego on page 55: "The Montego, Mercury's intermidiate size car, has only minor changes for 1969. A functionally trimmed fastback 2-door hardtop, named the Cyclone CJ, which packs the CJ428 engine, will be this lines entry into the muscle car market. The CJ is distinguished from its less athletic brethren by a blacked-out grill". There's also a small picture on page 67.                            >>>
<<< Car & Driver New Car Issue, October 1968. On page 59 theres a mention of the Montego, which happens to be the same text as the new car buyers guide above. No puctures of a Montego, just the Cyclone.
Consumer Reports, April 1969. Contains a review of the 1969 model cars, including several mentions of the Montego, mostly in the intermediate section. Actually scored well.                                   >>>