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<<< Motorcade Detroit Preview - 69 Cars, Sept 1968. Single paragraph on page 16: "Only minor styling changes and no major mechanical innovations. Mercury is trying to upgrade the intermediate Montego line to sell in the low/medium price market as a family car. The economy versions haven't been selling, and the line hasn't found its niche in the higher-price market."
Consumer Reports, February 1969. A good article on the Montego on page 81. Compares the Montego to other intermediate cars of the time.                                                    >>>
<<< Popular Mechanics, Oct 1968. Single paragraph on page 218: "MERCURY: Available in this series are a Comet, a Montego, a Montego MX, an MX Brougham, a Cyclone, a Cyclone CJ (for Cobra Jet, no less), and a Montego MX station wagon. You can get a four-door sedan in any of the Montegos and the Comet, a fastback in the Cyclone and Cyclone CJ, a convertible and a wagon in the Montego MX..."