There's not too many articles about the Montego, mainly because the Montego was overshadowed by it's high performance sibling - the Cyclone. But here's what I found...
<<< Car Life Magazine from October 1968. On page 59 there's a single mention of the Montego/Comet in a table of other intermediate cars.
Hot Cars Magazine from November 1968. A mention of the Montego on page 58: "The Comet and Montego Mercury series both have the 427, C.I.D. 390 horsepower engine option as well as the 428 C.I.D. 335 horsepower Cobra Jet engines available. Montego and Comet are esentially the same as the Fairlane as far as engine and transmission availability is concerned."                                          >>>
<<< Popular Mechanics from June 1968. On page 174, there's a half-paragraph on the Montego: "The Montego two-door hardtop will have a new roofline - one which is more formal appearing - similar to that of the new Ford Torino. The Montego line will add a Colony Park wagon with wood-grain side paneling."