Dealer Literature
And some more:
<<< Yet another dealer brochure that goes over the L/M line. Near the end is a nice gold Montego two door hard top. The back has a sweepstakes to win a Montego, amoungst others.
Here's a rare item, a confidential dealer price and specification guide for 69. It's 39 pages and goes through the complete L/M line and compares to the competition of the day, including price, options, etc. An interesting read.                               >>>
<<< Another internal dealer guide called Quick Facts. Compares the LM models to all of the other models from other mfgs. Interesting read.
<<< Not a complete manual, but it has Engine and Powertrain options specific to the Montego. Another dealer item.
<<< Here's a very rare one, a dealer 'wheel' that has a Montego on the front and Cougar on the back. The wheel spins to give info on various aspects of the car, like the engine, transmission, etc. Never seen anything like this before.