Dealer Literature
And some more:
<<< Here's a nice piece, a interior and exterior color selection fold-out. Has int/ext cloth samples and convertable top fabric selections. The paint chips are nice too.
Here's a salesman's guide from Canada. Has the complete Ford and Mercury lines, including heavy trucks, school buses, vans and big rigs. It's interesting that the picture of a Cyclone is labled as a Montego.                                             >>>
<<<  Here's an interesting piece... a pre-delivery report that was to be sent in when the car was delivered. The top has carbon paper for transfering the owner info and the bottom has a list of items and space to write down any problems.
Here's a nice postcard for the Comet, which was the lower cost version of the Montego. Mentions Montego on the back. Nice and unused... thanks Brian!            >>>