Dealer Literature
And some more:
<<< Another must have for the Montego collector. A catalog that goes over the entire Mercury line, minus the Cyclone. Lots of good pictures and spec's, as well as dealer options.
Notice something different? This catalog just says Montego. It's the Canadian Montego only catalog... with lots of good pic's and spec's.                >>>

placeholder - it's too big for my scanner!
<<< Here's the more common full line L/M catalog. Same as the Montego only version just with other models included.

placeholder - it's too big for my scanner!
<<< Now this is a neat (but expensive) book. This goes over all possible color (interior and exterior), fabric types and colors, and convertable top cloth. It also has a neat overlay system where you select a color and overlay the body style of your choice - so you can see the color on the 'car'. The things we did before computers... phew!
And another neat book. Designed to sit on a salespersons desk, it was a flip chart with all of the possible options for the L/M line. I use this to determine correct options I could install on my Montego, including a tach and factory AM/FM radio.                                          >>>