Dealer Literature
Here's some more:
<<< Now this is a nice piece, but quite rare. Covers the complete Montego, Comet, Cyclone line with lots of pictures and technical info. A must for someone restoring one of these vehicles.
Remember these? Dealers carried them in their pockets as a quick reference for the entire L/M product line. Has a foldout of exterior colors, and a big section on the Montego starting at 1B. A good reference.                                                    >>>
<<< This is the rarest of them all... a confidential compeditive comparison on other cars of the day, including: Cutlass, Skylark, Coronet, and Chevelle. It's interesting to see how 'teakwood tone' finishes were a selling point..
<<< Another post card promoting the "Sports Special" sale. The reverse talks about "specially priced and specially equipped" Montego's for sale. As a bonus, you could take this card to the dealer and enter to win a Cougar, Montego, or Marauder. Sign me up!
Here's a nice tri-fold piece which lists the interior colors with paint chips. Also has a 'harmonizer' chart on the back.                                                   >>>