Dealer Literature
Dealers have access to quite a bit of inside information as well as promotional items. Here's some of the items I have found:
<<< Dealers of the era would often send out post cards advertising the new models. This one is for a 69 Montego MX Brougham. From University L/M in Pomona, CA.
This post card is for the 69 Comet Sports Coupe. Dealer is unknown.                                                              >>>
<<< From A/C to Wheel Covers, you could have it all for your new L/M. Good guide with lots of info. Did you know you could get a factory set of luggage? Vacuum cleaner? Highway safety kit? Air horns? I wonder where these options are today?
The 'Better Idea Cars' is a mailer that went out to describe the various 69 models, including the Montego. A hard to find piece, with Montego spec's in the center and pictures starting on page 32.                  >>>
<<< How about this... the original press release for the 69 Montego. The kit contains several glossy pictures of the Montego with a statement on official Ford letterhead. Has a nice spec sheet as well.